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I realize that it's been awhile since my last drawing, so why not come on over an ask me some questions about how I've been at SCAD (Lord knows I've been a busy bee whilst being there) Seriously, I'll have a mic on and will answer almost any question you give me while I draw shtuph.


The title pretty much sums up everything.

Basically, one early Thursday morning (April 11), I turned on my tablet laptop, got the blue screen of death and heard various clicking/broken glass sounds. My friend came over and told me simply that the hard drive's disk jumped out of it's socket and shattered.

So, until such time, I'm "computer-less" until my new computer and Cintiq ship over here. I lost part of the NATA animation, but I'm not overly stressed or in a frantic panic. I'm sure I'll be able to submit something credible.
Feel free to ask me anything regarding these unfortunate events and I'll answer soon enough. I'll make an update on this journal once they ship in and I'm ready to start drawing/animating again.


Yep, I've entered a cartoon into the NATA opening round.
Here it is, now watch it know, right now. It's not my best but, watch it anyway.
As for the Animation Transformation Extended, it's currently getting a huge face lift by reanimating a couple scenes. It'll release on both Newgrounds and Youtube during the Summer (2012). Trust me, it's already looking awesome.
That's all for now! Enjoy some sketches for the NATA cartoon below!

-Mike Southmoor


Animation Transformation News And Future Projects

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Hey Guys!
Thanks for voting on the Animation Transformation video! Couldn't be happier with being in second place...okay, that's a lie, but we all knew "Animator VS Animation" was going to win anyway. That was out for a month and my video released a couple days before the end of August. So, life goes on.
I bet you all are wondering when that stupid extended version is coming out? I'm actually not sure. I've been caught in the middle of work, college and freelance gigs, leaving very little spare time. But, I'm hoping to release it on THE 4TH QUARTER OF 2011. It will be posted on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. So an official date hasn't been decided. Wait patiently, it'll come!
As for the future, I'm trying to create a couple of monthly series. One original series I'm already developing is called the "SUKT" (It's abbreviated; and, no, it's not pronounced "sucked"). I'm not revealing anything more to this project...beside the picture at the bottom of the page.
Now, I do want to ask a question: Would I get sued or have problems concerning copyrights if I were to create a cartoon staring Peter Griffin and Stan Smith, parodying the "Get a Mac" commercials; but, they argue which one of their shows is better. That's another small series I want to release monthly. But, I won't make it if I'd get sued for creating it. Blah, whatever.
Want to know where I am all the ding dang time? LinkS:
Deviant Art
Want to ask more questions? I'm on FormSpring!
Anything else...NO?...alright, see you later, guys!
-Mike Southmoor

Animation Transformation News And Future Projects

Watch it now!
If you don't...I'll weep softly

Youtube Channel!?! What?!?!

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YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! CHECK IT OUT!!! NOW!!!!!!! thmorcartoons

LOVE ME!!!!!!

Hey, I'm new!

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EDIT: DON'T BOTHER READING THIS! I'M ABOUT TO MAKE A NEW POST!Just to bring this to everyones attention, this post was made a YEAR AGO! Soooooo...every single one of those problems I had BEFORE, have been solved. Thanks for the offers and solutions, though.

Hey yo, my Newground peoples!
Just posting this to show that I'm new here...and that I need help. Not MENTAL help for those who like to crack wise. Just help with some flash work. So far, I'm good at animating, creating backrounds and doing voices. Prob is, I can't do girl voices, post up sounds on a Flash project or publish Flash on to the Interweb. If anyone's interested in giving me some tips, that would help me alot.
Below is some of my work.
Comments anyone?

Hey, I'm new!